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Wonky Gibbon Ramblings


This site is for material technical, musical and other – that I want to share online

The Music section contains stuff recorded over such a large span of time – that it might be hinting that the last bus for planet rock has already left the shelter. Boo Hoo. Still I’ll no doubt feel a lot better about that after a slap up lunch.

The technical blog mostly contains stuff I’ve come across or problems I’ve had to solve whilst working with computers at home, usually the IT side of family projects. For example, Building Media Center’s out of reused parts, how to view and backup the family picture albums, how to make it possible to easilly watch home video’s shot on digital camcorders. Bits of home networking. That sort of thing. Some of it was quite hard to work out, hence if it saves someone else sometime – I’m a happy camper.

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