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Wonky Gibbon Ramblings


So here is the magnum opus. Recorded between about 2000 and 2006, remixed and levelled up in 2007. I screwed up the mix in one track which I still haven’t fixed but there comes a point where you just know you aren’t going to get around to it. So publish, and be damned!!

Thanks has to go to Anders Reeves who does the gorgeous guitar part on “Go It Alone” and adds incidental guitar towards the end of “Vandalise Your Car”.

Centuries was a song written with Jason Bozley way way back in the day. I can’t actually play his guitar part – so it’s a bit different on this.

Ashton Under Lime was also written a very long time ago and was played just once I think with Dave Hancox and Iain Reynolds of E.M.A. I can no longer remember how close this is to the guitar part that was played that day.

The rest is all my fault!


George Bush
Ashton Under Lime
I want to Vandalise your Car
Go it Alone
I did Harm
Just Teach
Untitled – Notepad
St James Infirmary
Voice on the Radio
Red Top Tabloid
You are my Sunshine

A page on an old student band I played in E.M.A. (the utterly classy “Eat My Afterbirth”) can be found here

I used to have some tracks up on the much lamented GarageBand site – but since it got bought buy iLike – all the content, community etc… seems to have gone. Shame – it was really good!

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