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What to do with Camcorder DV Video? 0

Posted on March 27, 2009 by danny


(or Batch Two Pass Encoding of DV Video (AVI) with XVid and VirtualDub)

So you’ve taken hours of video of the kids, you’ve got used DV tapes lying around in piles that you can’t arsed to watch yet strangely don’t want to erase and generally don’t know what to do with them all. Short of playing dominoes with the cassettes – what do you do?

Further, if you have a family and own a camcorder you’ll know that at first you shoot quite a lot of video and then as the tapes start to build up and you don’t get around to watching them – you shoot less and less until you’re shooting practically nothing at all. And still don’t get around to watching what you have.

It’s pretty amazing that the camcorder manufacturers don’t do a better job of pointing you in the direction of some half decent software to process the results – but heh ho! They don’t – so I will try to instead.

These pages outline the resolution to the problem that I came up with for home use.
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