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DNS-320: Access Denied from User Nobody

Posted on June 15, 2013 by danny

Just had a bit of a hair pulling moment with my DNS-320.

Despite having given myself write privileges to a shared drive, I couldn’t write to it from windows, only read. Every time I tried to do any writing activity, Windows 7 would say “Access Denied” and indicate that I had to get permissions from the Unix user “Nobody”.

I logged into my Debian Squeeze installation to check the permissions on the directory – they all looked fine.


Or not so mad.

It seems that the only way to reliably maintain the mapping between the windows user on my laptop and the unix user on the DNS-320 is using the utility that came with the NAS drive, a simple mapping of the network drive in Windows is not sufficient.

So if you run into this problem. Unmap the drive in windows and then recreate the mapping using the D-Link utility.

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