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Samsung LED TV with HDMI stretches Windows Desktop

Posted on August 02, 2011 by danny

Following on from my last post – I replaced the VGA and stereo audio cables with a single HDMI cable from the Graphics Card to the Samsung LED TV.

I had to reboot the Media Center for it to allow me to reassign the default audio output to the HDMI output but once I had restarted it let me do so. It looks like it detects whether the audio is connected as the machine boots rather than as a “hot” plug n play sort of thing.

Now for the nasty bit … the Windows desktop was now stretched beyond the sides of the screen. A good long search through the graphics driver controls yielded nothing to change the size and position.

Fiddling with the Samsung TV I then did find a setting that helped. Under Menu->Screen Adjustment there’s a setting called “Screen Fit” – the result of using this was that the desktop properly fitted on the screen. Problem was – it still looked wrong compared to the crisp output I’d had using the VGA cable. As though the screen had been stretched, introducing artifacts and then squashed again – leaving them behind.

Googling was required to solve the problem and I’m glad I did as I don’t think I’d have ever found the answer – and I’m endebted to this post for the answer:
The very first post nails the problem (ignore the rest of the thread). It says “Go into the menu on the TV and select Source List, Edit Name, then chose the HDMI and change the name to be either PC, DVI or DVI-PC. Either of these three setting should correct the over sized display issue.” – and the author is right. Giving a “Name” to the HDMI connection, corrects the problem. In fact the word name is really misleading, it’s really a “Type” – particularly as you pick the one you want from a list rather than choosing your own from scratch.

Making this setting, resolves the problem and removes the artifacts. Very confusing bit of UI from Samsung.

End result – great looking display and a reduction in the number of cables. So musn’t grumble.

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  1. Daniel Watts says:

    I’ve been tackling problems with HDMI and my samsung TV forever. I never actually thought it was anything to do with my screen(s). I always blamed the graphics card.

    Today, I purchased a brand new card, fairly expensive, and had the exact same issue. This thread is an absolute lifesaver. Thanks to the guys on the Ubuntuforums too.

    Much Love


  2. danny says:

    I couldn’t agree more – the ubuntu boys rock!

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